About Little Aspen

We provide a way for you to properly manage and record user acceptance of important content in your application.

The Problem

We can summarize the problem with some real questions that companies have today:

  • What are all the content versions of our Terms and Conditions?
  • When were these content changes added?
  • From the total user base, how many users already accepted the recent changes in our Refund Policy?
  • Should I request the user John Smith to accept the new changes in our Privacy Policy that now comply with GDPR, or don't bother him because he already accepted it?
  • What versions of our Privacy Policy, the user John Smith has accepted so far?
  • How can we be more transparent with our users regarding their rights?

Almost all online applications we interact with daily have a series of important content to their users that sometimes has not been cared for as it should. Content such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cancellation Policies, and many others, are not simply important but in many cases required by law.

Some of these types of content are required to be accepted when your users interact with your application. Some examples of those interactions are when you create an account for an application or when you perform any type of purchase.

On top of that, the content of these documents changes over time because of changes in service itself, to adapt to changes in the law/regulations, and so on. Almost all web applications out there have no record of what Terms and Conditions content, for example, a specific user agreed upon during user registration.

The vast majority of web applications does not manage those type of content the right way and only a few of them properly if at all, record user's acceptance or agreement of such documents. On the other side, users don't know what content they agreed upon because it might have changed in comparison with the current content displayed.

As the companies have no proper record of user acceptance vs content, often the workaround is to send emails to all users communicating content changes. While this procedure is becoming very common, it does not address the core goal that is to present the changes and let the user agree.

The Little Aspen Solution

Compose Document Content

Little Aspen provides you a web editor so you can compose your document content, define content status, search, filter and manage your resources.

Provide Content Versioning

Each document can have one or more versions, meaning that you can keep all the history of changes and present to your users any desired content version, at any time.

This is a key concept, with that in place, you can, for example, present to each user, all the content versions of all document types they agreed upon, or simply internally to have a record to fulfill any law requirements or regulations.

Record User Acceptance

One of the most important things regarding this matter is the ability to ensure your users have accepted the application terms, what version and when. For your users, they should be able to know what was agreed upon as well, it is simply a transparency matter.

The same way your application can present any document version, Little Aspen will record user acceptance by document version, you can know exactly which users are up-to-date so you can act upon the ones that are still missing acceptance.

Little Aspen API

The way your application interacts with Little Aspen is through our Little Aspen API. Our API is based on REST architectural style and you will be able to, along with other actions to:

  • get the content of any document, in any version;
  • record user acceptance for a document version;
  • verify if a user has already accepted a document version;
  • list all users that had accepted a document version;
  • and many others.

Please visit our API Documentation reference page for all details regarding our API.

Ready to Solve This Problem?

Little Aspen is in Beta Phase, during this phase you will be able to fully use all the features and API, with no payment required.

If for any reason Little Aspen does not provide you what you need, there will be no problem, no hassle, no credit card required. Easy, simple.