Record acceptance of web application policies and terms of service.

Little Aspen allows you to manage and record user acceptance of important content in your application.

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Little Aspen Main Steps

Compose and version your documents

Use Little Aspen web editor to create your document content, including versioning, keeping track of all the content evolution over time.

Integrate with Little Aspen API

Our REST API makes it easier for your application to interact with your content and to perform any type of request.

Record user acceptance for each version

Keep track of user acceptance for each document version, increasing the level of transparency with your users.

Companies have no record regarding what content version of a
Terms and Conditions document a specific user agreed upon.

Why Little Aspen?

Solves the problem the right way

Adding a checkbox in a form is not enough. Your application should be able to know in detail if a user has accepted a specific document, including what content version and when. In case there is a content change, your user should be able to see those changes over time.

Improves user experience

Stop asking things such as "We use cookies to improve user experience… Accept | Deny" every single time, for the same user. Once you track cookie policy acceptance, you can avoid such annoying behavior.

Increases transparency and trust

Trust, once lost, could not be easily found. The relationship details between your application and your users are critical and change over time. Offer to your users an easy way to know how their data are being used, their rights, and so on. Give them the confidence they are aiming for.

Optimizes development resources

Implement an in-house solution to tackle this problem is possible. However, it will cost your company considerable development time that could be invested to enhance your core application business needs.

Avoids legal and privacy disputes

Once your application can prove a user has accepted a policy version, it becomes much more transparent and avoids issues with data privacy laws such as General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), for example.

For transparency sake alone, your application should offer
to all users all document versions they agreed upon over time.

Our Development API

The way your application integrates with Little Aspen is through our Little Aspen API. Our API is based on REST architectural style and you will be able to, along with other actions to:

  • get the content of any document, in any version;
  • record user acceptance for a document version;
  • verify if a user has already accepted a document version;
  • list all users that had accepted a document version;
  • and many others.

Please visit our API Documentation reference page for all details regarding our API.

API Documentation

Ready to Solve This Problem?

Little Aspen is in Beta Phase, during this phase you will be able to fully use all the features and API, with no payment required.

If for any reason Little Aspen does not provide you what you need, there will be no problem, no hassle, no credit card required. Easy, simple.